VarDAR - Bubble Blocking Reduction System 

VarDAR is a system designed to increase productivity of the blown film process.

Reducing such effects as Blocking (Blocking - the inside surface of the bubble sticking to itself at the nip during collapsing making it nearly impossible to open) and reduced tackiness of the bubble outer surface seen whilst still hot.

VarDAR is especially effective when the height of the blown film line is limited (as a retrofit to existing line).

VarDAR does not only work on tube products i.e. sacks where the advantage is obvious, but the system is just as effective for the production of single wound sheet. Similar gains in production of sheet products have been seen as the film is much easier to handle down-stream and so runs faster.

As a result customers who run VarDAR have not only seen the benefit of increased productivity, but also reduced scrap levels due to better control of trims and splitting the web, improved appearance of the film from reduced stretching and creasing from slitting and separating processes.

Even material cost savings by using lower percentages of expensive masterbatches to achieve the same opening characteristics as when using VarDAR.

Without VarDar

The above image shows the effect of blocking on the trim-less slitting station on secondary nip.

With VarDAR

As a result the film is less creased leaving the splitting nip. 

Without VarDAR

The Image above shows film after trim-less station and from splitting nip, you can clearly see the effects of blocking and creasing.

With VarDAR

The above image clearly shows how the blocking has been reduced over the slitting blade.


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